1. Display mode: TFT LCD
2. Size: 0.96 inch ~ 15.6 inch
3. Resolution: 80x 160~7680 x 4320
4, brightness: 200cd/m ~ 2200cd/m
6. Working temperature range:-30 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

customization options (Customizations)

1, FPC

structure customization

interface definition customization

2. Backlight (Backlight)

support structure customization

support brightness customization

3, interface definition customization (Interface)

4, capacitive touch screen

Structure: G/G;G/F;G/F/F;OGS

interface definition: I2C,USB

support thick cover, thick glove touch, with water touch

5, resistance touch screen can be customized:

four lines.

five lines

6, driver board customization

HDMI; Serial driver board

interface conversion board: LVDS /mipi/RGB/SPI.....

inform you of your customization needs, we(Mr Liu, 18926401003)will help you choose the ideal LCD customization solution.


Product Characteristics

Model (Part Number) YX-1280800T101N035A
screen size (Size) 10.1 inch
Resolution (Resolution) 1280×3(RGB)×800
Panel Type (LCD Type) Normally Black
Best View (Viewing Direction) 85/85/85/85
Contrast (Contrast Ratio) 1000:1 (typ.)
Appearance size (Outline Dimension) 229.46(W)×149.1(H)×2.8(T) mm
Display Area (Active Area) 216.96(W)×135.60(H) mm
Pitch 0.1695(W)×0.1695(H) mm
backlight brightness (Brightness) 550cd/m² (typ.)
Backlight Life (Lifetime) 50000Hours (typ.)
Signal Interface (Interface) 4 lane MIPI Interface
PIN Number 40pins
Operating temperature (Operating Temperature) -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
storage temperature (Storage Temperature) -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Touch Panel can be customized

PIN pin definition

1 NC No connection
2-3 VDD Power Supply
4-7 NC No connection
8 MIPI_D3N - MIPI Differential Data Input
9 MIPI_D3P MIPI Differential Data Input
10 GND Ground
11 MIPI_D0N - MIPI Differential Data Input
12 MIPI_D0P MIPI Differential Data Input
13 GND Ground
14 MIPI_CLKN - MIPI Differential Data Input
15 MIPI_CLKP MIPI Differential Data Input
16 GND Ground
17 MIPI_D1N - MIPI Differential Clock Input
18 MIPI_D1P MIPI Differential Clock Input
19 GND Ground
20 MIPI_D2N - MIPI Differential Data Input
21 MIPI_D2P MIPI Differential Data Input
22 GND Ground
23-25 VLSS Ground
26 NC No connection
27 LED_PWM CABC controller signal output for backlight
28 LED_EN CABC Enable Input
29 NC No connection
30 NC No connection
31-33 VLED Power Supply for LED Backlight Driver
34 NC No connection
35 BIST No connection
36 NC

No connection

37 NC

No connection

38 NC No connection
39 NC

No connection

40 NC No connection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1,list does not meet my product specifications, there are other different sizes or specifications of the product can be selected or customized?

present on the website are our standard products, which can quickly provide samples for import testing. (due to the large variety of panels, we only list some of them) if you need products of different specifications, you can contact us. we have a professional engineering team to provide you with suitable solutions.

2,under what conditions need to use high brightness LCD screen?

the general LCD screen in outdoor and other high light source environment, due to insufficient backlight brightness, the displayed picture will be difficult to read, such as outdoor parking lots, large machinery, transportation, military and other outdoor occasions, you can use high-brightness LCD screen.

3,should I choose PCAP or RTP? Does it support touching with gloves?

For the application environment of terminal products, products that require multi-finger touch function can choose PCAP (projected capacitive touch), with high sensitivity, high surface hardness, and high optical transmittance. If the use environment is limited, such as wearing thick gloves, and to prevent accidental touch and other operating environment, you can choose a single-point RTP touch.
PCAP and RTP can support glove touch, but still need to adjust the position for different glove materials.

4,capacitive touch screen, the use of frame (Air Bonding) or full fit (Optical Bonding)?

There is an air layer in the middle after the touch screen frame is pasted, the display effect is Bonding worse than the Optical after the light is refracted, but the price is cheaper and it is also a good choice. Full fit is to completely stick the display screen and the touch screen together in a seamless way, which has a good anti-dust effect, reduces light reflection, provides a better display effect, and increases the impact resistance and shock resistance of the panel. Better durability.

5,have a complete machine containing a casing?

Our products are not complete machines, they are mainly provided to manufacturers or brands for import and use. However, we can provide AD Board,OSD Key and connecting wire with LCD Display/Touch Display. When using our Display Kits display kit, you only need to connect your signal source (VGA,DVI,DP,HDMI) and power supply to drive.


Within one year after the shipment is calculated, the damage caused by non-human factors will be rejudged by our RMA personnel. If there is any special situation, the warranty time will be notified separately.

7,how do I buy in large quantities and are there any discounts?
If you need to buy in large quantities, you can contact our business personnel to provide quotations and negotiate transactions.


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